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NG is dead.

2010-12-01 19:30:20 by Rabid-Monkey101

NG is dead.


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2010-12-01 19:42:44

NG is dead.

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

Hey... Did I just see that somewhere...? Anyway your right. Still can't remember where I found that.


2010-12-22 19:01:27

It dies when i got the last username, its all over!

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

The Apocalypse! The end is near. Watch for it, zombies will will be humping your door trying to get in...


2010-12-25 05:21:29

But Christmas lives on!

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

True, but NG won't. By the way any zombies at your door yet?


2010-12-26 21:48:23

How many times have I heard this?

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

232,434,565,436,464,676,657,567,3 38,790,743 times to be exact.


2010-12-30 14:02:15

So true.
It was 2 years ago that it was flourishing.
Ahhh...those old days.
Gone forever
Remember me?

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

Yes I do. How's drawing been?
NG's good old days are gone.
Like in the wind


2011-01-01 16:59:52

Yes, does you or your ass remember me? And NG is being overrun with Faggoty little 8 year old n00bs.

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

I remember you. :P
I know. It's really upsetting to see this site full of Sonic and Mario fags. (8 year old love Mario and Sonic)


2011-01-04 04:56:56

hey :)

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

Hey, how have you been? Saw your flash. You should of put it in a collab. That's the only madness animations made anymore. :P


2011-01-04 20:55:11

*sniff*Take it back, TAKE IT BACK!

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

Nooo. It's all true. It is the end!!!!!2! Or something like that...


2011-01-04 21:09:08

not really

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

I don't know what you mean.

Wow I stay off for a week or two and all of a sudden six comments flow in at me. Awesome.


2011-01-09 18:27:29


Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

Yeah. Everything good of NG is gone now.


2011-01-11 00:35:55

You still alive, man?

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

Somewhat. I was shot a few times but I'm still walkin. How bout you?


2011-01-25 03:59:09

i wish zombies were real

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

I wish not. If they did then I'd be knawing on a brain right now.