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Change (Part 1)

2014-06-15 21:59:10 by Rabid-Monkey101

It has been quite a while. I'm graduated, have a job, and starting college in the fall. It makes me want to look back at when I first got this account, around five years ago if I am right.

A lot has changed since then. I mean a lot. I can't even fully describe all of what has happened, nor do I care to when I doubt anyone will read it. I would much rather put my time into something that I or someone else can benefit from. Though I learned quite a few things:


-Not everyone is going to like me.

-I am not going to like everyone.

-The worst thing I can do is remain ignorant on a subject.

-If I try too hard for something, it will backfire and harm me.

-Not everything is going to work out, so be glad for what does.


There is way more I did learn, and I may actually post it if I get the time or care to write it. Until then or when ever I decide to post again do what ever the fuck you want, I don't control your life.


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