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Entry #23

Animation Test

2014-10-17 09:25:11 by Rabid-Monkey101

Made a test, not complete yet.

If anything is choppy or bad tell me.


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2014-10-17 10:14:04

Hey, haven't seen YOU in a while now. Long time, eh?
Could use some improvements, but it works. Don't rotate the feet too much. Kinda looks like he's tip-toeing, haha.
But I'd give it a 7/10

Rabid-Monkey101 responds:

Ha, yeah. I've been busy with other things and lost interest with Madness but I occasionally animate a bit.
I didn't rotate the feet at all actually, but the first half of the animation when he is walking to the vending machine does bother me since it looks off. I like the second half though, but there may be problems with it that I didn't see which is why I posted the clip so people could critique it. Thanks for your input. ^u^


2015-04-26 10:50:05